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BLEACH Song Lyrics

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Opening Themes * -ASTERISK- D-tecnoLife Ichirin no Hana (A single flower) TONIGHT, TONIGHT, TONIGHT Rolling star ALONES After Dark CHU-BURA Velonica Shoujo S (S-Girl) Anima Rossa (Red Soul) chAngE Ranbu no Melody (Melody of the Wild Dance) BLUE HARUKAZE (SPRING BREEZE) Ending Themes Life is Like a Boat Sen no Yoru wo Koete (After a Thousand Nights) Thank You! Houkiboshi (Comet) Save the One, Save the All happypeople LIFE My Pace HANABI (Fireworks) MOVIN!! Baby it's You Sakura Biyori (Cherry Blossom Weather) Tsumasaki (Toes) Daidai (Bitter orange) Tane wo Maku Hibi (The Days When we plant seeds) Kansha. (Gratitude) Orange Gallop Hitohira no Hanabira (A Single Flower Petal) Sky chord ~Otona ni Naru Kimi e~ (Sky Chord ~Towards You Who's Growing Up~) Kimi o Mamotte, Kimi o Aishite (I Protect You, I Love You) Mad Surfer Sakurabito Tabidatsu Kimi e Stay Beautiful echoes Last Moment Song for... AOI TORI (BLUEBIRD) HARUKA KANATA (In the Far Distance) Re:pray MASK Other Songs Koyoi, Tsuki ga Miezu Tomo (Tonight, Even if You Can't See the Moon) We Aesthetics & Identity Bleach the Limitation BrEaK Every Fight! Fuu~ Inochi to Hokor~i Fuyu no Hanabi (Winter Fireworks) GOMI Tame Mitai na Machi de Ore-tachi wa Deatta (We Met on the Streets Like Trash) Hanabira (Flower Petals) Hanataro Desu (I'm Hanataro) Hibiku (Echo) Hyouri Invasion Kotonoba (Words) Kyouka Suigetsu Memories in the Rain Momoiro no Hana (Pink Flower) Monochrome My Blade, As My pride Nimorebi (Sunlight Filtering Through Trees) Nothing Can Be Explained Number One Pink Quincy no Hokori ni Kakete (By My Pride as a Quincy) Rain RAINBOW Ranka~RANKA~ Rosa Rubicundior, Lilio Candidior (Redder than the Rose, Whiter than the Lily) Science Show Sekai wa sude ni azamuki no ue ni (The World Already Exists Upon Deceit) Shinpai Nai Oneesan (No Worries, Milady) SIX Feelings SKY HIGH Snakes of Despair Standing to Defend You Suigintou no Yoru (The Mercury-Lamp-Lit Night) Tattoos On The Sky Ten no Hoshi (Star of Heaven) This Light I See Uragawa (Flip Side) Yozora no Kawa (River of the Night Sky)
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Japanese Title: ブリーチ
Released: 2004

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