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K-ON! 2 (K-ON!!) Song Lyrics

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Opening Themes GO! GO! MANIAC Utauyo! MIRACLE (I'll Sing! MIRACLE) Ending Themes Listen!! NO, Thank You! Insert Songs Amefuri (Rainfall) Gohan wa Okazu (Rice as a Side Dish) Honey sweet tea time Houkago Tea Time (After School Tea Time) Ichigo Pafe ga Tomaranai (Can't Stop My Strawberry Parfait) LOVE Pyua Pyua Haato (Pure Pure Heart) Samidare 20 Love (Early-Summer Rain 20 Love) Tenshi ni Fureta yo! (Touched by an Angel!) Tokimeki Sugar (Heart-Throbbing Sugar) U & I (You and I) Usagi to Kame (The Tortoise and the Hare) Other Songs GENOM (GENOME) Fuyu no Hi (Winter Days) Genius...!? Our MAGIC Girls in Wonderland Sakuragaoka Joshi Koutougakkou Kouka (Rock ver.) (Sakuragaoka Girls' High School Anthem (Rock Ver.)) KIRA KIRA Days (Sparkling Days) Seishun Vibration (Youth Vibration) Aozora no Monologue (Blue Sky Monologue) Yuuzora a la carte (Evening Sky a la carte) Come with Me!! Shiny GEMS Uki Uki New! My Way (My 'Exciting New!' Way) Oh My GIITA!! Diary wa Fortessimo (Fortissimo Diary) Yasei no Jounetsu (A Wild Passion) Jump Hidamari Living (Sunny Living) Joyful Todays Over the Starlight Junjou Bomber!! (Pure-hearted Bomber) Midnight SUUPAASUTAA☆☆☆ (Midnight Superstar☆☆☆) Drumming Shining My Life Shiawase Hiyori (Happy Perfect Weather)
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Japanese Title: けいおん!!
English Title: K-ON!!
Also Known As:
  • Keion 2
  • K-ON! Season 2
  • K-On!! 2nd Season
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Released: 2010
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