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Card Captor Sakura Song Lyrics


Opening Themes Catch You Catch Me Catch You Catch Me (Portuguese dub ver.) Tema de apertura (Catch You Catch Me) Tobira wo Akete (Portuguese dub ver.) Tobira wo Akete (Open the Door) Platina (Portuguese dub ver.) PURACHINA (Platinum) Ending Themes Groovy! Groovy! (Portuguese dub ver.) Honey Honey (Portuguese dub ver.) Fruits Candy Frutas e bombons (Fruits Candy) Movie Songs Sepia no Hi (Sepia-colored Days) Tooi Kono Machi de (In this Distant Town) Koko ni Kite (Come Here) Arigatou (Thank You) Ashita e no MERODI- (Melody to Tomorrow) Okashi no Uta (Song of Sweets) blue as the sky Insert Songs Yoru no Uta (Song of Night) Hitorijime (All to Myself) Tomo e (To My Friend) Yasashisa no Tane (Seed of Kindness) Prism Ki Ni Naru Aitsu (That Girl I Can't Ignore) Mienai Chizu (Invisible Map) Other Songs Issho ni Utao (Let's Sing Together) Aoi Kioku (Blue Memories) Shunshou Jouka (Sakura Ver.) (Spring Night Love Song (Sakura Ver.)) Shiawase no Mahou (Magic of Happiness) Kocchi wo Muite (Look This Way) Hitotsu Dake (Only One) Nishi Kaze no Kaeri Michi (The West Wind's Way Home) Zutto Zutto Zutto (Always Always Always) Anata to Ireba (If I'm With You) Get Your Love Watashi Dake no Movie ☆ Star (My Only Movie ☆ Star) Yorokobi no Carol (Joyful Carol) Kimi ga Ita Scene (A Scene With You) Jitensha Ni Notte (Riding a Bicycle) Kureyuku Hitotose (Waning Year) Picnic Super Duper Love Love Days Maria no Komori Uta (Mary's Lullaby)
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Japanese Title: カードキャプターさくら
Also Known As:
  • CCS
  • Cardcaptors
Related Anime:
Original Release Date:
  • Movie 2 | Fuuin sareta Card: July 15, 2000
  • Season 3: September 7, 1999
  • Movie 1: August 21, 1999
  • Season 2: April 6, 1999
  • Season 1: April 7, 1998
Released: 1998
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