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Mashle Lyrics

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Lyrics

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Opening Themes Knock Out Bling-Bang-Bang-Born Ending Themes Shuu Cream Funk Tokyo's Way!
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Japanese Title: マッシュル-MASHLE-
English Title: Mashle: Magic and Muscles
Original Release Date:
  • Season 2: January 11, 2024
  • Season 1: April 8, 2023
Released: 2023

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In a fantastical realm where magical prowess is evident through distinctive facial marks, those without magical abilities face swift extermination to uphold societal magical norms. Amidst this, Mash Burnedead stands out as an anomaly within a secluded forest. This nonchalant young man possesses superhuman strength but lacks magical abilities, leading a tranquil life with his father, distanced from mainstream society.

Mash's tranquility is disrupted when authorities discover his magical deficiency. Presented with an ultimatum, he must either compete to become a "Divine Visionary" and gain acceptance or face perpetual persecution. To shield his family, Mash reluctantly enrolls in the esteemed Easton Magic Academy, exclusively catering to elite and gifted students. Now, he must overcome his lack of magical aptitude, relying solely on his muscular prowess to surpass his magically endowed peers.

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