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Macross 7 Lyrics


Opening Themes Dynamite Explosion Seventh Moon Insert Songs Love It Submarine Street Other Songs 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Nights Holy Lonely Night (English Version) Totsugeki RABU HA-TO (Charge! Love Heart) Starlight Dream Spiral Answer Song of Eternity Soko ni Aru no ga Mirai da Kara Power to the Dream Pillow Dream On the Wind Angel Voice Kimi ni Todoke (Reach You) Mizu no You na Ai no You na (Like Water, Like Love) Holy Lonely Light Groove Along Diamond Calling Feel Universe Galaxy Go (Jiyuu na Uta) (Go (Free Song)) Good-bye Hello Wild Life My Soul For You Try Again Light the Light Rock 'N' Roll Fire Remember 16 PLANET DANCE I Call Your Name Parade New Frontier Never Say Die Heart and Soul Flash in the Dark Love Song Koi no Mahou (Magic of Love) Sweet Fantasy My Friends ...Dakedo BEIBI-!! (...But Baby!)
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Also Known As:
  • M7
  • マクロス7
Related Anime:
Released: 1994

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