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Kimagure Orange Road Song Lyrics


Opening Themes Koyoi Rendezvous (Tonight's Rendezvous) NIGHT OF SUMMER SIDE Choose Me Orange Mystery Kagami no Naka no AKUTORESU (Actress in the Mirror) Ending Themes Shinken ni Motto (Put Your Heart Into It) Natsu no MIRA-JU (Summer Mirage) Kanashii Heart wa Moete-iru (My Sad Heart is Burning) Tokidoki Blue (Sometimes Blue) Dance in the Memories Mou Hitotsu no Yesterday (Another Yesterday) Movie Songs Ano Sora o Dakishimete (Hold That Sky Close) Futashikana I LOVE YOU (An Uncertain I Love You) Tori no You ni (Like a Bird) DAY DREAM ~ Soba ni Iru Yo (DAY DREAM ~ I will be by your side) Doko e DON'T BE AFRAID Love is power MIND GAME RESSUN (Lesson) Shinjite (Believe) Insert Songs Aoi Boyfriend (Blue Boyfriend) Girigiri LOVE (The Ultimate LOVE) Kaze no Manazashi (Gaze of the Wind) Kiken-na Triangle (Dangerous Triangle) Jenina (Janina) Breaking Heart Salvia no Hana no You ni (Like a Salvia Flower) Again Furimuite My Darling (Turn Around My Darling) Other Songs Bokutachi no Road (Our Road) Drive (Carry on) Kimama ni Happiness (Selfish Happiness) Kono Mune ni ONE MORE TIME (Inside This Heart One More Time) NIGHT & DAY Rainy Park Harukaze no Kimi (You of the Spring Breeze) Kogane-iro no Sakamichi (Golden Hill Road) BAYSIDE DANCER Whispering Misty Night Yasashii Jealousy (Easy Jealousy)
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Also Known As:
  • Kimagure Orange Road TV
  • Capricious Orange Road
  • きまぐれオレンジ☆ロード
Released: 1987
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